Arc & Fusion India Private Limited an ISO 9001:2008 accredited Mechanical Engineering Company



A thorough understanding of our customers and their problems is key to AFIPL accurate and effective delivery of complex engineering solutions. We have substantial in-house resources capable of handling a diverse portfolio of design and detailed engineering. Everything we do is of high quality, incorporating innovative solutions and adopting lessons learnt from past projects.

AFIPL has a wealth of engineering and project management professionals with engineering and technical backgrounds in design, project engineering, project management and construction. This helps us to meet the client’s expectations in quality, safety and time.

Fabrication & Erection

AFIPL delivers high-quality fabrication built on our core strength of development of precise shop drawings and supported by committed set of engineers, fabricators, fitters, welders, blasters, painters and QC personnel.

AFIPL fabrication facilities handle multiple, fast-track projects for the oil and gas market. We’re experts in the fabrication of onshore and offshore structures and piping. Our experience in general fabrication encompasses everything from davit platforms to deck extensions, PLET’s, riser clamps, riser guards, boat landing, walkways and trusses.

Our piping fabrication service includes duplex SS flow lines, risers and tie-in spools, Subsea jumpers, high pressure piping, vessels and towers, manifolds and skids.


Employing the latest in advanced technologies, our maintenance services combine strategic management processes, predictive/preventive building maintenance, and capital planning to enable practical and effective asset management partnerships.

With our full-service industrial process maintenance agreement, we’ll take over complete and total responsibility for the engineering, planning, and executing of your plant's maintenance tasks.

By bringing together world-class building and process maintenance and reliability methodologies, parts and logistics management, online tools, and domain expertise, AFIPL’s full-service contract package increases asset effectiveness while keeping tight control of costs.

Our plant maintenance capabilities include:

  • Project management
  • Preventive and predictive maintenance
  • Inventory control
  • Subcontractor management
  • Instrumentation and controls
  • Electrical services
  • Equipment assembly and maintenance
  • Rigging
  • Scaffolding and shoring
  • Pipefitting
  • Welding
  • Structural steel construction/replacement
  • Consolidated contracts.


AFIPL supports its clients by providing safe, high quality services for platform modification and hook-ups. A thorough understanding of our client’s processes and problems is key to our success.


AFIPL track record for pre-commissioning of old and new facilities in the oil and gas industry is impeccable. AFIPL has competent and experienced personnel who carry out the pre-commissioning in each discipline. AFIPL ensures all safety measures and controls are in place prior to the commencement of any pre-commissioning test. AFIPL is in strict compliance with all safety regulations of the country, and all safety requirements of the client.

Commissioning team, it reviews process & engineering design documents especially with respect to operation ability & safety. The team also prepares operation manuals providing instruction for plant start-up, shutdown & handling various emergencies. It provides guidelines and supervises pre-commissioning & commissioning activities at site.

The ultimate step in the contracting process is the start-up and hand-over of the completed plant to the Client. Commissioning Group provides the skilled resource to manage and execute the commissioning phase and to support the Client in the continued operation of the plant.


An efficient shutdown execution and a smooth start up call is very critical for a well-planned shutdown scope, actions, materials and resources. AFIPL in-depth asset integrity management expertise in turnaround management minimizes shutdown time and costs, without compromising on safety and quality, while increasing asset performance by means of a modification project.

In order for shutdown support to be handled in the same agreement, AFIPL offers full-service industrial plant maintenance and shutdown planning that allows for continuity in plant/facilities management and procedures. During the critical period leading up to the shutdown, having a full-service industrial maintenance plan allows our customers to focus on the upcoming shutdown tasks and spend less time on contract management.


We have specialist engineers who undertake industrial plant and machinery and plant decommissioning. They can remove a single piece of equipment or they can decommission a full plant or site. We will then dispose of the equipment in an environmentally responsible fashion, our mechanical and electrical engineers are fully qualified and experienced to decommission and dismantle the following:

  • Heavy machinery.
  • Industrial plant.
  • Factory equipment.
  • A complete site.
  • Electrical equipment.
  • Excess equipment, plant and machinery.

Like all our projects, we project manage this plant decommissioning service very carefully to ensure that we deliver on time and on budget.

The health and safety of everyone on the site, including your employees and ours, is of the utmost importance. We therefore ensure that a full risk assessment is undertaken at the beginning of the plant decommissioning project, and is monitored and managed throughout the project.

De-commissioning is a long and costly process that involves many complex and risky activities. AFIPL is rightly placed to support clients in the offshore field late-life and decommissioning market.

Yard Maintenance:

AFIPL has the capability to comprehensive underwater inspection, repair & maintenance (“IRM”) services for offshore oil and gas platforms, subsea pipelines, subsea cables and offshore terminals in both shallow and deep-water environments.

We create and maintain the yards that are equipped with all the necessary technical facilities for rig and ship contracts, as well as subsea deliveries. Our yards are characterised by flexibility, efficient mobilisation, and the ability to deliver.

We Offer: -
  • Rig Repair, maintenance and modifications.
  • Offshore Services
  • Ship repair, maintenance and modifications
  • New multi-purpose hall for safe overhaul of mechanical units, azimuths and BOP
  • Pipe bending machine that bends up to 10 inches.

We offer engineer services, maintenance and modifications to drilling companies and rig owners all over the world. Our activities are specifically tailored to the rig companies’ requirements and activities.

With regard to offshore installation contracts, we prefabricate as much as is possible in our workshops on land to minimise the installation period, and we send out our most experienced and multidisciplinary personnel in order to limit the number of personnel on board.

In addition to computerized pre-calculation of gross measurements, fully automated pipe cutting technology and certified cold bending, the complete pre-fab line includes certified mounting/welding, certified surface treatment (cleaning, blasting, painting) and certified pressure testing. All subject to customer´s needs and requirements.

We are capable of building offshore facilities requiring heavy fabrication for offshore industry and executing other similar heavy engineering projects.

Our skilled and specialised experts handle the whole value chain in the delivery, from engineering to planning and execution phases. We always focus on the customer’s requirements in all that we do, and we deliver the agreed level of quality on time.

We perform engineering as needed and prefabricate as much as possible in our workshops onshore to reduce the installation period offshore to a minimum. For installation offshore, we use multi skilled personnel to minimize personnel onboard.

As our customer, you can expect us to quickly and efficiently define the tasks together with you, that we practice transparency during the implementation phase, as well as a predictable and efficient delivery